Armenian Cuisine 

Armenian cuisine is unique it offers more than a thousand authentic recipes for all seasons. Recipes are very different from each other depending on region , which is due, first of all, to the climatic factor and, accordingly, to a specific set of products characteristic of a particular area. Armenian cuisine consists of numerous kinds of vegetables and fruit, different sorts of herbs, cheese, meat and fish, wine and pastries. Cheese, herbs and lavash.  Lavash is a very thin, easily rolled layer of dough approximately one meter high, which is baked on a hot wall of a stove-tondir (stove dugged in the ground), which is burned and heated by a dry vine bough.

Here we have chosen  5 must be try Armenian dishes: 

#Dolma: Any list of Armenian dishes has to start with dolma. Prepared in hundreds of different variations, this dish usually represents minced meat (Armenian tolma is usually made with minced meat instead of its ground meat counterparts), rice and seasonings wrapped in grape leaves and cooked (never stirred!) to mouthwatering perfection. And of course, it needs to be topped with Armenian plain yogurt with or without garlic. If you visit Armenia and not try dolma, it’s your duty to visit us again.

#Khorovats: Another “happily ever after”couple of the Armenian cuisine. This is barbecue (whole pieces) meat and ground seasoned meat. Best prepared by Armenian men, who know exactly how to season the meat, make the right fire, and serve to the table. It is often combined with grilled fresh vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes and bell peppers, fresh herbs and chopped red onions.

#Khash: Once it’s cold enough to fully enjoy a hot hearty meal, Armenians plan khash days with the family, colleagues and friends. You wake up early in the morning to eat this weird-looking but most delicious stew. It is made from cow legs and head boiled in plain water for hours on end and served with dried lavash (Armenian flatbread), garlic and plenty of vodka. Now you can go to bed. See you in the evening.

#Ghapama: This one is a great vegetarian dish to try. This beautiful dish needs to be ordered at the restaurant before your visit, because it takes time to prepare. The pumpkin is filled with a mixture of rice, nuts, raisins and dried fruits and cooked to absorb all the flavor. It pleases the eye and the taste, just like many other Armenian dishes we can’t innumerate here.

#Ishkhan: Ishkhan is a famous Armenian species of trout, also called Sevan trout. It can be grilled, steamed, cooked in the oven and even stuffed. In any event, you’ll really be delighted by its taste.

But this list the tiny list of Armenian cuisine, of course there are also a lot of dishes for vegetarians and surely in this cuisine everyone will find tasty dish up to their wishes.