Traveling for work sounds enviable, but it’s often more about conference rooms and airports (and the overpriced food that goes along with them), than anything resembling a vacation.

But sometimes, traveling for work has to be done. And just because it’s a necessity doesn’t mean we can’t find some pleasure in it. That’s exactly why people who travel for work are embracing the concept of “bleisure” — or business combined with enough leisure to make it feel a bit indulgent.

Primary business tourism activities include meetings, and attending conferences and exhibitions.Despite the term business in business tourism, when individuals from government or non-profit organizations engage in similar activities, this is still categorized as business tourism.

One of the most dynamic sectors of tourism industry in Armenia is business tourism. Geographic location of Armenia stimulates the development of active economic relations with USA, Russia, European Union, Georgia, Iran and countries of the Middle East. Armenia is a member of many international organizations. Armenia is a country with rich traditions. Historically Armenia developed on the crossroads of cultures – between and West and East, Europe and Asia. Armenian diaspora plays a significant role in the Armenian economy. Many representatives of the Armenian diaspora are successful businessmen in France, Russia, USA,  and other countries of the world. Some of the most intensively developing branches of economy are building and construction, mechanical engineering and chemical industries. Service sector is also highly developed so you can trust your business trip to our travel agency.

Armenia has a well-established infrastructure for business tourism: high-quality hotels of international brands with congressional platforms, several expo centers, a well developed and modern transport system. Major centers for business tourism in Armenia are Yerevan, Tsaghkadzor, Dilijan and Jermuk. Armenia offers high quality communication services. Yerevan and resorts of Armenia offer high level in the sphere of food and beverage facilities, and additional services for business tourism, such as organization of excursions, cultural programs and entertainment.  So don’t hesitate start packing your luggage and make your unforgettable business trip with us.